2012 “Interactive Design” —— Experimental Application Workshop

In fall 2012 I was invited to the 2012 “Interactive Design” —— Experimental Application Workshop  at Shanghai University of Fine Arts. This webpage give a short in production to the workshop and shows the work my group (group 2) accomplished during this workshop. More information about the workshop and participants can be found here.

The theme of the workshop was to create a location based application. During the past week the students were exposed to a unique design process that guided them through the development of an application concept.

The students’ personal interests and their concerns were the starting point. We found three main areas of interests and followed the IDEO brainstorming guidelines to generate a pool of Ideas. Using seven evaluation criteria we identified the most outstanding idea. An early concept evaluation was performed during a short field trip in Gucun Park.

In the creation phase the students experienced the process of application development from function definition to logo design. Furthermore they learned an open source programming language called Processing. They developed their ability in data visualization and interactive application design.

Ripple from Nan Zhao on Vimeo. If the video does not play click here.

The application, Ripple, is inspired by our manifold experiences in our environment. The same places create different feelings in us depending on where we came from and where we are going, depending on our emotional state and our intention. Different things in our environment catch our attention and define our relationship to the location.  We want to capture and share these moments. Ripple let us retain this impression and the dynamic of our environment and let us immerge into it at a different time and from a different point of view.

Using our smart phone as a paintbrush and sound, photos, and motion as our palette we designed an algorithm to generate an Art Map. While we move though our environment we leave behind trails that become lines on the canvas. The pictures and sounds we capture become ripples that spread over the Art Map, which symbolizes the way information distributes and impacts our surroundings.

More information about the functionalities of the Application can be found in the image below.
app store

The Art Map from Nan Zhao on Vimeo. If the video does not play click here.


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