MAS.500f: Intro to Applied Controls Module (Spring terms)

This term I am teaching a module class (MAS.500f) on Applied Controls.

This module will give students an introduction to basic control theory. We will use a classic example in dynamics and control, the inverted pendulum (or self balancing car), to demonstrate the capabilities and limits of different control solutions. We will also provide an overview of modern control methods, and line up a few guest talks from people using control in different ways for interesting applications. Guest lectures include

  • Piero Miotto and Louis Breger from Draper Laboratory Defense & Space
  • Leena Singh from Draper Labs Aerospace Guidance and Control.
  • Matt Evans and Fabrice Matichard from the MIT-CalTech-launched collaboration ‘LIGO
  • Dimitris Papanikolaou from Harvard GSD

Find more information and course material here.


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