Innovation Workshop in Kenya

As part of the MIT Media Lab Directors Fellow Program I traveled to Nairobi, Kenya in 2014 with my PhD adviser, Joe Paradiso and a team of students to conduct a workshop on “sensing in the wild”. As part of this workshop we discussed how sensor networks could support Wildlife Work‘s effort to prevent poaching. The workshop started at iHub, a technology community and innovation center in Nairobi. Together with local entrepreneurs and researchers we brainstormed ideas and drafted experiments. Later we visited Wildlife Work in Tsavo National Park and field-tested some of the ideas that we have previously developed, partially using sensor technology we brought along and some we build on site. During our short two day visit at Tsavo one elephant was killed for it’s tusks. This is the sad reality that the brave men and women working at Tsavo have to face everyday. The protection of the elephants is a difficult and dangerous task.

As an exercise we sonified activity and sound data that we collected at a watering hole. In the example below the amplitude level determines the pitch of sound:



MIT Media Lab Director’s Fellows Offsite in Nairobi from Juliana Rotich on Vimeo.

Acacia Tree

Photographs by Colin Raney


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